Digital Application Technique

Digital Application is making images move with the help of a computer and this is also called CGI. In order for the images to start to move you have to have an image and then replace it with another image that is nearly the same apart from having moved on a bit and so on. On the computer the images can either be 3D or 2D and although 2D is still very much used, 3D animation is becoming more and more used. To makeĀ images with 3D animation these are made on the computer where they have to be rigged with a virtual skeleton. To create animations that are 2D objects that are separate and transparent layers that are also separate are used that can either have or not have a virtual skeleton at the start. The body parts and clothes are then put on and moved by key frames. The fact each key frame looks different is achieved by the computer automatically in a series of actions know as morphing or tweening. Then after all of this the animation is at last rendered. For a 3D animation the rendering of all the frames have to be done once the modeling is finished. For 2D animation the task of rendering is the key frame illustration process. Frames that are tweened are given the rendering process if they need it.

computer animation

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